Awards /Recognitions received by PhilRootctops and Staff  in 2008


CHED Best Regional HEI Research Programs

CHED Outstanding Regional HEI Extension Program
CHED 2nd Best HEI Research program in the Philippines
Dr. Edgardo E. Tulin PCARRD Pantas Award (Researcher/Scientist Category)Norman Borlaug International Agricultural Technology Fellow
Dr. Erlinda A. Vasquez VSU Exemplary Research Award
Dr. Julieta R. Roa UPLB Distinguished Alumnus Award
Dr. Julie D. Tan Visiting Scientist, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
Award Research Project/Paper/Poster Staff
AFMA Best R and D Paper Award for Basic Category Genetic Approach and Phenotype-based Complementation Screening for Selection of Yam Resistant to Anthracnose” E.E. Tulin and Z.T. Ecleo
2nd runner-up AFMA Best R and D Paper Award “New Cassava Varieties for Industrial Use” A.M. Mariscal, R.V. Bergantin and A.D. Troy
2nd Prize Winner, Regional Competition Outstanding R and D in Industry 2008 (Visayas-Mindanao Cluster) “Technical Improvement of the Dried Cassava Grates Processing System” D. L S. Tan
1st Prize Winner, Applied Research Category, Search for Regional Outstanding Rand D Projects “Development of Graphic RichSweetpotato Germplasm Database” A.B. Loreto, D.P. Loreto andE.B. Abogadie
1st Prize Winner, Development Project Category, Search for Regional Outstanding R and D Projects Community-based Participatory Action Research on Gabi Chips Processing inLiloan, So. Leyte” J.R. Roa, F.J. Amestoso, and A.B. Loreto
1st Prize Winner, Basic Research Category, Search for Regional Outstanding R and D Projects Isolation and Functional Characterization of Mimetic Protein from Yam” E.E. Tulin
1st Prize Winner, Search for Regional Best R and D Poster “Sweetpotato Weevil Pheromone Synthesis, Formulation and Field Evaluation” E.A. Vasquez and D. Schmidt

PhilRootCrops' R and D Paper, Poster Entries Win

One win for research paper, two wins for poster makes three wins for the Center.

The Philippine Rootcrop Research and Training Center (PhilRootcrops) research and poster entries for the 18th Regional Research and Development Symposium held in Naval Institute of Technology (NIT), Naval, Biliran on August 23-24, 2006, won the judges' nod.


With other 10 entries for Outstanding Paper under the Basic Research category, the study on Differential Display Protein Profiling of Some Common Production and Postproduction Problems in Root Crops emerged as the winner. The study conducted by Dr. Edgardo Tulin and Ms. Zenaida Ecleo aimed to obtain fundamental knowledge on the biochemical events, specifically protein banding patterns, underlying the causes of existing production and postproduction problems in root crops.


For posters, two entries from the Center bagged the Best R and D Poster awards. The posters on Enterprise Development for PhilRootcrops Food Products and Development of New Sweetpotato Varieties for the Philippines won under the Engineering, Energy and Industry and Agriculture categories, respectively.


The Outstanding R and D Project and Best R and D Poster awards each accompanies a Plaque of Award and a Cash Prize given to the declared winners. The prizes were given by the Visayas Consortium for Agriculture Resources Program (ViCARP) and the Regional Research and Development Network (RRDEN) which also served as the sponsors and organizers of the event.


There were two other research papers from the Center entered under the Basic Research category. These include the studies on Establishment of Micropropagation System for Disease-free Sweetpotato Planting Material Production and Rapid Propagation of Recommended Philippine Cassava Varieties through Tissue Culture both conducted and presented by Prof. Villaluz Acedo. Also, other posters such as Cassava Starch as an Agar Substitute in the Tissue Culture of Purple Yam, Cytokine Mimetic Properties of Rootcrops and Other Food and Medicinal Plants and Integrated Extension Program for Rootcrops were also exhibited during the symposium.


The symposium gathered around 146 researchers and research enthusiasts from Region 8 who presented papers and posters under basic, applied, development, agriculture, and engineering and industry categories. ViCARP, and RRDEN sponsored and organized the said symposium.

Abstracts of the Winner Entries

Abstract. Differential Display Protein Profiling of Some Common Production and Postproduction Problems in Root Crops

Abstract. Enterprise Development for PhilRootcrops Food Products/ R.R. Orias, E.S. Data, J.R. Roa, J.D. Tan, J.P. Labra and L. A. Ternura

Abstract. Development of New Sweetpotato Varieties for the Philippines/ J.L. Bacusmo, U.A. Cagasan, F.P. Godoy, and E.A. Abogadie


Dr. Julie D. Tan is PARRFI's Professiorial Chair Awardee for 2005

From a pool of equally competent LSU researchers recommended to the Philippine Agriculture and Resources Research Foundation, Inc. (PARRFI), PhilRootcrops Dr. Julie D. Tan stands out being the most deserving and accorded the PARRFI Professorial Chair Award for 2005.


The award which takes effect from September 1, 2005 until August 31, 2006 requires Dr. Tan to teach at least one regular course in the undergraduate or graduate level and delivers a public scholarly lecture or submits a scholarly paper to a reputable journal for publication within the year of appointment. As an awardee, she gets a total cash benefit of Php 30,000.


Dr. Tan, together with other candidates from LSU, went through a rigorous selection process and was selected on the basis of her excellent academic background, commendable teaching competence, relevant research output and active involvement in extension and community service.


PhilRootcrops Engineers Shine in Nat'l Research Symposium

Two wins are better than one:

Two of PhilRootcrops engineers brought home their 1st-Runner Up finish in the recently concluded DA-BAR National Research Symposium held at the DA-BAR Complex, Diliman, Quezon City on October 3-5, 2005.

Besting other researchers from all over the country, Engineers Daniel Leslie Tan,Thin Layer Drying of Cassava Grates and Alan B. Loreto, Development of Village-Scale Sago Processing research entries won the judges nod and landed them 1st runners up in the Basic and Development Category, respectively.

Each engineer received a Plaque of Recognition and a Php 15,000 cash prize apart from the honor they bring to the Center and LSU.

Sponsored by the Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Agricultural Research, the Symposium aims to gather together agricultural researchers all over the country to provide a venue for exchange of research information that will contribute to the improvement of the Philippine agriculture industry. Also, the symposium serves as the venue to reward researchers who made relevant research to boost the agricultural productivity.


PhilRootcrops Staff join 2004 R and D Symposium

Eighteen (18) Philippines Root Crops Research and Training Center (PhilRootcrops) staff participated the just concluded 16th Regional Symposium on Research and Development Highlights held last August 30-31 at Sabin Resort hotel in Ormoc City.

The staff who attended the symposium were Prof. Villaluz A. Acedo, Dr. Jose L. Bacusmo, Dr. Emma S. Data, Prof. Dilberto O. Ferraren, Prof. Alan B. Loreto, Prof. Algerico M. Mariscal, Dr. Nestor L. Pido, Dr. Marcelo A. Quevedo, Dr. Daniel Leslie S. Tan, Dr. Julie D. Tan, Dr. Edgardo E. Tulin, Mr. Enrique B. Abogadie, Mr. Demetrio V. Belmonte, Jr., Mr. Reynaldo V. Bergantin, Mr. Dioscoro M. Bolatete, Mr. Ulysses A. Cagasan, Mr. Silvano S. Dalion and Ms. Zenaida T. Ecleo.

Of the thirteen (13) entries submitted by PhilRootcrops, eleven (11) were entries for the Best Poster category while the other two (2) were entries for the Best Paper Category.

The Regional Symposium was a joint activity of the Visayas Consortium for Agriculture and Resources Program (ViCARP) and DA-BAR 8's Regional Research Development and Extension Network (RRDEN).


List of Papers during the 16th Regional R and D Symposium

List of Posters during the 16th Regional R and D Symposium


PhilRootcrops'04 R and D Symposium entries bag Best Paper and Best Poster awards


Three entries from PhilRootcrops won Best Paper and Best Poster Awards during the 16th Regional R and D Highlights Symposium held at Sabin Resort Hotel, Ormoc City on August 30-31, 2004.Â


Studies on “Development and Yield Stability of Newly Recommended Gabi Varieties conducted by Prof. Dilberto O. Ferraren, Demetrio V. Belmonte, Jr. and the late Jose R. Pardales and “Dried Cassava Grates Processing System conducted by Daniel Leslie S. Tan, Ramon R. Orias and Roldan V. Piedraverde won the Best Paper Award for the Basic and Applied Research categories, respectively.

Meanwhile, the poster entry of Prof. Villaluz Z. Acedo and Catherine Arradaza on In vitro Conservation of Yam Germplasm won 2nd Best Poster for the Agriculture Category. Also, Prof. Alan B. Loreto, Marcelo A. Quevedo, Algerico M. Mariscal, Masanori Okazaki and Koki Toyota poster on Development of Sago Starch Processing Machine won 2nd Best Poster Award for the Engineering, Energy and Industry category.


The winners for the Best Paper Award received a Plaque of Recognition and a cash prize of Php 1,000. The Best Poster winners also received a Plaque of Recognition and a cash prize of Php 2,500 for each entry.


PhilRootcrops researchers reap most awards in regl R&D symposium

Researches from PhilRootcrops reaped most awards during the 15th Regional R&D Symposium on August 19, 2003. The Outstanding Applied Research Project was Potential of Sweetpotato for Pickle Production of Dr. Julie Tan, while Sweetpotato Diagnotes CD: A Training and Support Tool in Diagnosing Sweetpotato Problems headed by Dr. Erlinda A. Vasquez bested the 21 entries for the Poster Contest.

The symposium, sponsored jointly by the Regional Research & Development Network (RRDEN) and the Visayas Consortium for Agriculture and Resources Program (ViCARP), concluded the three level screening of papers which started at the agency level from April to June 2003 with 239 entries from 13 participating agencies. Eighteen papers from four agencies were chosen and further submitted for the second screening by the Regional Commodity Teams. Finally, nine papers from three participating agencies were chosen for presentation at the Regional Symposium. These agencies were LSU, the Department of Agriculture-Region VIII (DA-8) and the Leyte Institute of Technology (LIT).

The other Outstanding Projects were as follows: Outstanding Basic Research Projects - Laboratory Dryer for Thin-layer Drying Experiments by D.L.S. Tan and D.A.B. Codilla, LSU (2nd place); Sweetpotato Viruses in Central Luzon by E.A. Vasquez, et al., LSU (3rd place); Outstanding Applied Research Projects - Development of Tractor-Drawn Sweetpotato Harvester by A.B. Loreto and M.B. Loreto, Jr. LSU (2nd place); Technical Improvement of the Root Crop Grates Processing System by D.L.S. Tan, et al., LSU (3rd place); Outstanding Development Projects - Effect of Bulbils as Planting Materials on Tuber Yield and Quality of Yam (Dioscorea alata L.) by Fernando A. Evangelio, LSU (3rd place).

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