VSU-PhilRootcrops staff embark on a knowledge-gaining journey in Thailand's thriving cassava industry


PhilRootcrops Marks 46 Years of Rootcrop Research for Food and Nutrition Security

Jeju National University ties with VSU on using drones to characterize root crops
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Crop Improvement

Improving yields through improved varieties, control and prevention of pest and diseases, and science-based farming techniques.

Varietal Improvement

Food or processing, whatever you intend to use your crop for, we have the right variety for you to select.

Rootcrop Varieties

Cultural Management

From planting to harvesting, we have the right technologies to help you attain the highest possible yields.

Crop Production

Pest Management

Whether it’s pests or diseases, we can help you control and eliminate them in the field for a good harvest.

Cassava Diseases

Post Production

Increasing value through handling and processing techniques to increase your income

Food Products

From snacks to desert, we can help you make healthy and tasty food products from your root crops.

Animal Feeds

Because animals also need healthy food, we have developed animal feed formulations from root crops.

Postharvest Handling and Storage

Improve quality and ensure good revenue through our postharvest technologies from root crops.

Engineering Innovation

Maximizing production through practical and easy to use farming implements and equipment.

Production Tools and Equipment  

Add efficiency to your farm by employing our production tools and equipment designed specifically for root crops.

Processing Machineries and Equipment

Get more and get better quality products from your produce with our machineries and equipment for root crop processing.

Drone/Aerial Imaging

Capturing aerial images taking photographs and mapping on an area for research and experimental uses for decision making.

Social Science and Extension

Responsive and needs-based capacity building and support for industry development

Training Programs  

From production, pest management, to processing, we have the right capacity building programs to help you grow.

Expert Dispatch

We have the experts to respond to your needs, whatever they are. And we can get them to you, wherever you are.

Technology Demonstrations

Our demonstrations help you stay ahead by giving you the latest and the best technologies we have.

Product Sales and Promotions

Got products? We can help you get them sold by showcasing your products and connecting you to potential customers.

Laboratory Analysis

Evidence-based support for farming interventions and decision-making.


Get your basis covered. Let us test your samples and give you the data you want, whether you’re getting your farm ready or doing research.

About PhilRootcrops

The Philippine Root Crop Research and Training Center (PhilRootcrops) is a government research, development and training institution for root and tuber crops: cassava, sweetpotato, taro, yam, yambean, arrowroot and other rootcrops.
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Vision, Mission & Goal

Creating wealth, enhancing health, improving lives through roots and tubers
To provide the national leadership in formulating and implementing strategic root crop research and development programs that can reduce poverty and food insecurity
To generate and promote root crop innovations and information that can improve the lives of stakeholders along the root crop value chain.

Contact Information

PhilRootcrops, VSU,Visca, Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines 6521-A
Telephone / Fax No.: +63 (053)563-7229 Trunkline: +63 (053) 565 0600 local 1063
Email: [email protected] | [email protected]
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