Processing Machines & Equipments


            The fabrication of a portable extruder made a huge impact in the processing of new food products from dried cassava. A conveyor system was also added.

 Electric heating units

 Rotary drum dryers equipped with conveyors

 Biomass furnace

 System Optimization

Completed the fabrication of a conveyor system and electric heating units and biomass furnace for the two units of the rotary drum dryers. Completed the fabrication of the 2 units rotary dryers equipped with conveyors and two sets of heat sources (electric heaters and biomass furnace). One set of the rotary dryers was delivered in the first week of July 2017 to the project site in the Farmers Entrepreneurs Association (FEA), Salcedo, Eastern Samar for pilot testing.

Micro Flour Mill Motor-Driven Chipper/Grater Electric-Rotary Drier for Grates Chipper-Grater

Motor-Driven Washer/Peeler Washer/Peeler and Chipper Machines System Grates Pulverizer/Siever Machine Grates Spinner

Vacuum Fryer

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The Philippine Root Crop Research and Training Center (PhilRootcrops) is a government research, development and training institution for root and tuber crops: cassava, sweetpotato, taro, yam, yambean, arrowroot and other rootcrops.
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Creating wealth, enhancing health, improving lives through roots and tubers
To provide the national leadership in formulating and implementing strategic root crop research and development programs that can reduce poverty and food insecurity
To generate and promote root crop innovations and information that can improve the lives of stakeholders along the root crop value chain.

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